The latest news and information on the science of seawater. Stay up to date on what we’re learning about the value of the world’s most plentiful resource.

Turning salt water into drinking water

Turning Salt Water into Drinking Water

Researchers have achieved a major turning point in the quest for efficient desalination.
– Business Insider

The Struggle for ‘Green’ Desalination

The Struggle for ‘Green’ Desalination

Workshop aims to reduce carbon footprint of seawater desalination plants.
– MIT News

Ocean temperatures on the rise

Where the Heat Is

A handy guide to where the oceans have been colder and hotter than average.
– The New York Times

Ocean currents

Make Currents: In Your Kitchen!

In this science activity you can model the behavior of these “rivers” of warm and cold water within the ocean!
Scientific American

crustaceans pollinating underwater plants

Why the Sea is Salty

The salinity of the oceans means useful water is scarce, while the less useful kind is abundant.
– Economist

Solar Power and Seawater

Solar Power, Meet Seawater

World’s first farm to use solar power and seawater opens in Australia.
– EcoWatch

Seas rising because of global warming

Mapping the Rising Seas

Use the window in the top left of the map frame to change the amount of sea-level rise.

crustaceans pollinating underwater plants

The Buzz Under the Sea

Bees of the sea: tiny crustaceans are busy pollinating underwater plants.
New Scientist

What seawater is composed of

Seawater: A Primer

Learn the basics on seawater from one of America’s premier science magazines.
– Science Daily

Generating Electricity in the ocean

The Sea Electric?

Scientists from Japan’s Osaka University are close to obtaining solar energy from one of the most abundant resources on earth: seawater!
– Inhabitat