Go below the waves – from exploration to environmental issues – and learn about the last great frontier and its role in our future as a species. 
Climate Change and the Great Barrier Reef

Climate Change and the Great Barrier Reef

The corals of the reef have been bleached white for a second year in a row.
– The Economist

Weird and Wonderful Sea Creatures

The Weird and the Wonderful

New images from recent exploration voyages show how weird and wild it is under the sea.
– The Mercury News

No Place for Small Organisms

Subtle and short-lived differences in ocean salinity or temperature function as physical barriers for phytoplankton.
– Science Daily

James Cameron and Woods hole

James Cameron Partners with Woods Hole

Explorer and filmmaker James Cameron and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution have formed a partnership to stimulate advances in ocean science.
– National Geographic

Protecting our marine resources

The Case for Ocean Parks

A new documentary examines a year-long quest to protect our marine resources.
– Fast Co.Exist

Largest Single Marine Reserve Created in Pacific

Meet the World’s Latest - and Largest - Ocean Reserve

More than 300,000 square miles set aside around the remote Pitcairn Islands.
National Geographic

Great Barrier Reef

Barrier Redux

After 30 years of mysterious signals and unconfirmed data points, a team of researchers has revealed a surprise behind the Great Barrier Reef.
– IFLScience

Explore the ocean as we explore space

The Next Next Frontier

Why we should explore the ocean as seriously as we explore space.
– Big Think

Marine Ecosystems

Managing Marine Ecosystems

Large areas of ocean in coastal waters produce about 80 percent of the world’s fisheries catch and contribute an estimated $28 trillion to the global economy.
– Marine Society Today

Life on the Reef

Check out PBS' 'Life on the Reef'

Stream Public Television’s 2015 Emmy-nominated ‘Life On the Reef’ and learn more about what’s down under.