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Health benefits of seawater

Health Benefits of Seawater

‘Thalassotherapy” – using seawater for to enhance your health – can help conditions ranging from psoriasis to hay-fever.
– The Gisborne Hearld

Mediterranean Diet

You Are How You Eat

Why the Mediterranean diet works: It’s not just the food — it’s how you eat it.
– The Washington Post

Lower Salt Intake

More Water, Less Salt?

Can increasing your water intake when you eat too much salt can help mitigate the effects?
– SFGate

Notable health benefits of hitting the beach

Here’s to Your Health, Dude!

From 1 to 10 – Some notable health benefits of hitting the beach.
The Fact Site

Salt Alternative

No Salt? Then What?

When food firms cut the salt, what do they put in instead? Is potassium a solution?

Living by the ocean boosts Mental Health

A Seaside State of Mind

Researchers discover living by the ocean boosts your mental health.
– Natural News

Rinsing daily with alcohol-free saltwater beats out swishing with mouthwash

Open Wide and Say ‘Saltwater!'

Rinsing daily with alcohol-free saltwater beats out swishing with mouthwash.
Las Vegas Review Journal

Seawater in our blood

Seawater in our Blood

We all know that bathing in the seawater is great for our health, but have you ever thought why?
– YouQueen

Salt water detox

Saltwater Flush - Good Detox?

One doctor says salt water flush is a simple, safe and effective way to detox.
Dr. Axe