Frequently Asked Questions

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What’s so special about your seawater?

Mediterranea Seawater has very similar PH and mineral content and balance to that of the human body.  This mineral balance is essential to a healthy human life for all of us.  That’s why our entire company staff and thousands of our customers make the consumption of seawater an essential part of our everyday health routine.

How do I use it?

Almost exactly like table or sea salt.  Of course everyone’s palate is unique so it’s important to experiment and “seawater to taste”.  And we have lots of recipes to help you get started.

Does it change the taste of my recipes?

Yes! Every recipe you make will taste better and more savory. You’ll notice the bold flavors good food is supposed to have. Bon Apetit!

Will I still need to use regular salt?

It depends on your recipe and personal taste. Most of our seawater staff, many chefs, and a lot of regular consumers, have eliminated any dry salt from their kitchens. Absolutely everyone will be able to reduce the use of dry salt.

I use Sea Salt now. Isn’t this the same?

Not at all. Most Sea Salt is about 97% sodium Chloride and about 3% minerals, including some undesired ones. Mediterranean Seawater is 86% sodium Chloride with 14% pure desired minerals. The truth is that our seawater is what sea salt is supposed to be.

It sounds like a gimmick. What’s in it?

100% natural ultra purified food grade seawater from the purest locations in the Mediterranean Sea.

I heard seawater has many health benefits. Is any of this true?

There is a lot of scientific study that indicates that regular seawater use will help in the prevention of diabetes, lowering cholesterol, and improving blood pressure. Of course results will vary and you should consult your health professional.

Do I need to refrigerate after opening?

Not needed. This is specially designed to be leak free and shelf stable and is good for up to two years. But of course you’ll use it within a few weeks!

Is it expensive?

The average meal should add only a few cents of cost.

Where can I find it?

Your favorite restaurants in Texas and California and a few in New York today. Soon it will be in your favorite grocery stores in California, Oregon, Washington, Phoenix, and Texas. If you can’t find it, contact us and we’ll see if we can get it delivered to you.