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Mediterranea seawater is what sea salt is supposed to be.  The promise of sea salt is now delivered in a liquid, easy-to-use form, while retaining all 78 trace minerals that are all lost in ordinary table salt as well as sea salt.  Overall sodium content in any dish is reduced about 14% while improving flavor and taste.

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Learn how to easily replace dehydrated salt in these popular recipes while at the same time adding 78 trace minerals – and start to change your relationship with the ocean!

Simple Chicken Broth

2014 MasterChef Junior Runner-Up, Sam Stromberg shows how to make a simple and delicious chicken broth using Mediterranea Seawater instead of salt.

Delicious Chicken Wings

MasterChef Jr. contestant Sam Stromberg shows how to make tasty chicken wings marinated in pure Mediterranea Seawater. 

Pasta Primavera

Prawn Cocktail


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