A Deeper Dive

From harvesting to filtration and analysis, the seawater that goes into our products is subjected to the latest science and innovative production techniques, and meets the most extreme health requirements to deliver great taste, practical cooking methods and a new approach to health and wellness.

Patent perfect – How we do it

Mediterranea Seawater products contain living seawater with high biological value, life-giving oxygen, minerals and organic compounds. Our patented process includes several steps of microfiltration, cold sterilization, and a highly selective purification system that eliminates organic material without changing essential mineral composition, while retaining critical trace elements.

Right place, right time – How we get it

We collect water at various locations on the Spanish Mediterranean coast that are selected for water purity to meet the most stringent official regulatory quality requirements. We also choose the “right moment” to extract our water, when conditions are optimal to obtain the purest product possible based on parameters including salinity, cloudiness, solids in suspension, the concentration of phytoplankton (chlorophyll A), and dissolved oxygen.

Pure genius – How we filter it

Our harvested seawater is subjected to a purification process that eliminates organic components, phytoplankton, zooplankton and bacteria. The bacteria are removed by cold microfiltration using pharmaceutical grade membrane filters, a sterilization method approved by the European Pharmacopoeia. The water also undergoes a boron-reduction treatment, leaving it at less than 1 ppm, as required by water regulations for human consumption.

How Seawater is filtered for consumption

The quality quotient – How we analyze it

We meet the most stringent US and EU health requirements (tolerating zero presence of microbiological and chemical pollutants) by following the same testing protocols used for drinking water exactly as recommended in the scientific ruling of the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority).